All of our staff have relevant qualifications and experience in the discipline that they teach and assess the learners' work.  We adhere to the requirements of Professional and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) such as ESFA and DfE to ensure that we maintain standards on our delivery and assessment. Our Assessors and Internal Quality Assessor (IQA) monitor plagiarism on the work carried out by learners. Also our management board and academic committee periodically monitors the delivery and assessment to ensure that this is going according to the apprenticeship funding performance management rules and awarding body guidance. Our Self Assessment Report (SAR) will also give us an indication about the delivery of our standards and framework.

Our staff performance will be measured by peer evaluation, annual self appraisal and apprentices’ feedback on staff.  Our training Need analysis (TNA) will help us to identify the staff training needs and we allocate budget according to the TNA analysis outcome by the board.  Also the staff performance can be identified during the internal verification of their assessment materials and we do training whenever we find any needs on this assessment process.

Our Assessors are well qualified, skilled and passionate about their work; they encourage learners and use their excellent experience from which learners greatly benefit and produce good standards of work. Staff performance will be measured by -

Yearly Staff Appraisal

Peer Evaluation analysis by SMT

Learner Feedback on Staff analysis

Annual Programme review on apprenticeship provision

We will improve the targets based on our current analysis outcome

Also we will keep reviewing our key performance indicators each academic year to raise the apprentice standards. The success of apprenticeship delivery shall also be attained through achieving all learning outcomes and continuously evaluating learners and staff for continuous improvement.